Dominican-born designer Miguelina Gambaccini is inspired by her passion for world travel. Frustrated by the lack of pretty, packable labels available for her own travels, she launched a namesake collection in 1998 that fused her bohemian, free-spirited aesthetic with a nomadic sensibility. Little did she know Miguelina would become the first women’s luxury apparel brand dedicated to travel. Today, Miguelina’s signature white-lace dresses, kaftans, and jumpsuits are synonymous with international jet-set glamour.

Miguelina’s connection to nature has also inspired her to grow the label sustainably. In 2015, she collaborated with the world’s largest ocean charity, Oceana, to bring awareness to conservation. Miguelina regularly works in collaboration with non-profit women’s cooperatives and artisans around the world to create timeless, meticulously crafted pieces that support community and the sustainable lifestyle of the Miguelina girl.

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