Zoom This is a photo of a woman from the neck down. She is wearing a long, woven shawl on top of a linen slip dress. The shawl is multicolored, featuring natural shades of gray, brown, and tan and has fringed tassels along the edges.
Zoom This photo is a close-up on the texture of the shawl, and also features the fringed tassels along the edge.
Zoom This is another photo of the woman wearing the shawl and slip dress, posing with her arm extended to show the fringe along the edge of the shawl.
Zoom This is a close-up on just the woven shawl, showing the detailed texture of the weave. Each thread is a unique color and thickness.

Handwoven Onyeka Shawl

$ 380.00
  • 100% Wool 
  • Color: Silver Springs
  • Handmade in Kenya
  • 28" x 72"
  • Hand Wash 
  • Imported

When the sun sets into the sea, throw our fringed Onyeka shawl over your shoulders and soak up the softness. Each is handcrafted by women weavers in Kenya — and their work is extraordinary. The wool is sublime against your skin, the natural hues are easy on the eyes, and the size is generous. Tuck it into your tote and take it with you everywhere.

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