Zoom This is a photo of a woman wearing an all grey outfit with grey linen pants and a handmade grey knit shawl in the shape of a poncho.
Zoom This is a detail photo of a handmade shawl from Brazil with geometric floral details.

Xoana Peacock Weave Top

$ 695.00
  • 100% Cotton
  • Color: Silver Springs
  • Hand Made in Brazil 
  • Hand Wash 
  • Imported

At Miguelina, we are fully committed to working towards becoming an 100% sustainable brand, focusing efforts on making every collection more environmentally friendly and community-empowering. It's why we're passionate about this Xoana top, handmade in Brazil. A production partnership with a female-lead master artisan Brazilian collective, Xoana is woven in crafted filet lace (originally hailing from France and known as Broderie sur Filet Noué), made over a net of threads common to the area's fishing towns. 

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